Web-Based Systems

Online Information Systems + E-Commerce

Are you a technology-savvy entrepreneur looking to implement a custom application? We specialize in Web-based systems. Our application developers can give your company an internet/intranet solution based on open source frameworks.

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Pinzar Technology, Inc. is a provider of practical information technology, management consulting and business-process outsourcing services to small and medium-size growing enterprises.

a few words about our company

We believe that techology should serve as a bridge between doing your job, getting things done, and moving forward. However, in many companies today, technology often becomes a road block. Preventing them from expanding or growing as needed. The time and resources required to enhance or improve proprietary technology, either hardware or software, to keep up with business growth can become overwhelming and very expensive, especially for small businesses.

what we can do for you

Our goal is to provide effective and practical web based open source applications that will meet the needs of your business today and tomorrow.

Whether you simply need recommendations on an open source solution for a particular problem or require a complete conversion to the open source platform, our team of professionals can help you.

some technologies that we use